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Takamine クロスライン レーザー墨出し器 TK-5011

Takamine クロスライン レーザー墨出し器 TK-5011

SKU: TK5011

Takamine Cross Line Laser TK5011 [LD made by SHARP] Uses LD made by SHARP. It has low power consumption and good light collection, so it is characterized by high straightness of light.
[Simple cross-line marking device] Easy operation, DIY as well as simple construction work can be done with this product.
[High accuracy and high functionality] Line accuracy: ± 5mm / 10m Function: Automatic correction mode, line fixing mode (tilt mode)
[Automatic correction mode] The automatic leveling range is approximately ± 4 °. When the tilt angle reaches ≥4 °, a warning is turned on and the line blinks to notify that the automatic correction range has been exceeded.
[Line fixing mode] With this product, you can also mark out the inclined lines required for stairs, handrail construction, and plumbing work. [Waterproof and dustproof level] Equivalent to IP54 It can be used even in work sites where sudden rain or dust is flying. Laser Safety Standards: Class 2

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