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Takamine 12ライン レーザー墨出し器  GM120S  Pro

Takamine 12ライン レーザー墨出し器 GM120S Pro

SKU: GM120S_Pro

3 X 360 ° Green Laser: This product has a total of 3 (1 horizontal / 2 vertical) 360 ° lines that can widely cover the floor, walls, and ceiling of the space during use.

The horizontal and vertical lines intersect at a 90 ° angle, allowing you to efficiently visualize the layout of the squares.

Floor / Wall Use and Multiple Mounting Methods: This product uses 1/4 "mounting screws on the body to allow tripods or wall mount holders from various manufacturers.

The included dedicated tripod base has convex 1/4 "-20, concave 5/8" -11 mounting screws, and 1/4 "-20 standard for the main unit only, with the tripod base attached. If so, you can use a tripod with a concave 5/8 "-11 standard without using a screw conversion adapter.

In addition, a special light sky holder that can be adjusted in all directions is additionally included. This is designed to have a wider range of adjustment compared to products sold by other manufacturers, and it can be directly fixed to the wall with a surface of the material to which the magnet can be attached or with screws, so it is a scene to be used by attaching it to the wall. It is very convenient.

LD and line: This product uses an LD made by SHARP (Sharp Corporation) to improve the brightness and stability of the laser.

The green laser of this product is twice as bright as the red laser on the market, has an operating range of up to 130 feet (100 LUX), and is designed to reach accuracy within 33 feet ± 1/9 inch. We are here.

When using the Takamine laser marking device TK5100 by activating the outdoor pulse mode (receiver mode), it is possible to extend the laser reach up to 200 feet even in bright sites or outdoor conditions. Will be.

Remote controller and Type-C charging: This product includes a remote controller so that you can easily and quickly perform marking work by yourself.

You can switch lines at your fingertips even in a work environment away from the main unit.

In addition, the charging speed of the charging standard Type-C installed in this product has been researched and improved, and it has become possible to charge 60% faster than the normal USB charging speed while maintaining safety.

Furthermore, by using high-quality lithium batteries without any cost, continuous work for a long time is possible.

Durability and Package Contents: IP54 waterproof / dustproof allows you to work normally and stably even in dusty sites and working conditions exposed to water droplets. TPR material body armor on the surface of the main body is used to improve impact resistance and wear resistance.

(Package contents, laser marking device body, two removable lithium-ion batteries, patented multifunction magnetic holder, tripod base that can rotate 360 degrees, Type-c power cord, power adapter, dedicated storage case, remote control , Main unit manual)

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