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Takamine 広範囲 ヘッドライト  TK4015

Takamine 広範囲 ヘッドライト TK4015

SKU: TK4015
¥5,200 Regular Price
¥3,500Sale Price

[Maximum irradiation angle 140 degrees! ] Takamine's headlamps can irradiate 140 degrees, which is even wider than commercial products! This one unit can handle night construction, maintenance shops, camping and emergencies!
[Wearing feeling] Lightweight design that does not burden the head or neck! You can wear it for a long time without getting tired!
[Maximum 400 lumens] High-brightness specifications that can clearly irradiate far away! Brightness can be adjusted in 3 steps, strong and weak blinking.
[USB charging support] It is possible to charge with a USB heavy electric device such as a mobile battery even in an environment where charging is not possible, such as at work or on a trip.
[Waterproof for daily life! ] Equipped with sufficient waterproof performance for daily use! You can use it outdoors with confidence.
[New Nippon brand Takamine] Takamine's headlamp TK4015 was born as a new brand of surveying construction tools. If you have any problems, the Japanese staff will respond in good faith.

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