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Takamine ロードメジャー  TK3099

Takamine ロードメジャー TK3099

SKU: TK3099
  • [One-wheel type] Since it is a one-wheel type with a small turning radius, it is possible to accurately measure curved roads. ABS resin is used for the tire part to make it resistant to damage and can be used for a long time.
  • Handle] A straight handle that is convenient for storage and carrying improves usability! Extension 1000mm / Reduction length 44.2mm It can be stopped at any length to suit the user and usage environment, making it more convenient to handle when using it!
  • [Counter] Uses an analog counter that is resistant to temperature and shock and is not easily broken. You can use it without stress without worrying about running out of battery.
  • [Measurement distance is 0 to 999.9m] It is possible to measure from a short distance of several meters to about 1 kilometer with a scale of 10 cm.
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