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Takamine レーザー墨出し器 用 受光器  TK5100

Takamine レーザー墨出し器 用 受光器 TK5100

SKU: TK5100

[Receiver for Takamine] It is a receiver for Takamine. Compatible models: GF411
[Three-step volume control] You can set the volume that suits your work site from three types of volume: large that can be heard even from a distance, small that can be used in a small room, and nothing that can be used at night or in an environment where there is no sound.
[Dedicated clamp included] A dedicated clamp is included. It can be installed on staff or thin columns.
[Three confirmation lamps] Confirmation lamps are installed on the front, side, and back of the main unit. It is designed to be easy to see from any angle.
[100% inspection, domestic shipping] Only items that pass the standards will be shipped. Reliable after-sales service! Japanese staff will respond in good faith. If you have any problems with quality, please feel free to contact us.

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