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Takamine Elevator tripod with handle TK1011

Takamine Elevator tripod with handle TK1011

SKU: TK1011

Manufacturer name: Koyo Co., Ltd.
【light! ] Because it is made of aluminum, it is lightweight and can be folded compactly, and it is easy to carry!
[With a spirit level] By using a total of two spirit levels, one with a circular spirit level at the base of the tripod and one with a cylindrical spirit level at the swinging part, you can shoot at a parallel and clean angle.
[Handle] By using a handle and a spirit level that can adjust the angle and direction, you can smoothly perform movement-related operations such as marking out and shooting movies.
[Fixed firmly even on an incline] The angle of the ankle can be adjusted, so the scaffolding is firmly fixed even in an inclined place. The legs are fixed with a solid and improved fastener, so there is no glaring.
[Dedicated bag] A dedicated bag is attached.
[Specifications] Extension 128 cm / contraction length 44.5 cm / 4-stage telescopic type / weight 730 g / 
[1/4 inch screw] 1/4 inch screw with many compatible models

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    Please complete the return procedure within 8 days after the item arrives. For the return procedure, please contact us from the inquiry on the site and wait for the contact from customer service.

    <In the case of returns due to customer reasons>

    Products will be returned in advance (paid by the customer).

    Customers are responsible for each test fee associated with the refund.

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    You can use the return and collection service (free of charge).

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    It will be shipped by Yamato Transport within 1 to 3 business days after the purchase is confirmed.

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