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Takamine レーザー距離計  TK7000

Takamine レーザー距離計 TK7000

SKU: TK7000

[New domestic brand] The new brand Takamine, which was born from a domestic surveying manufacturer, was named with the determination to provide customers with products that stand out like the towering peaks. We will also compete with overseas manufacturers in terms of cost performance.
[Performance] Measurement accuracy ± 1m / 0.5%. Display switching between meters (m) and yards (YD) is possible! Accurate measurement is possible from the shortest distance 5m to the longest measurement distance 766YD (700m)!
[Equipped with pin lock / pin search function] Targets such as pin flags can be fixed and measured instantly. You can automatically identify the background and the object.
[Measurement of height difference] It is possible to calculate the actual distance (actual distance required for a shot) by calculating the height difference from the main body angle even on a course with a height difference.
[Specifications] Measurement distance range 5 to 700 m / Laser wavelength: 905 nm (Class I laser) / Class 1 laser (invisible) / Lens magnification: 6X / Eyepiece lens: 16 mm / Objective lens: 25 mm / Viewing angle: 7.5 ° / Waterproof level Equivalent to P54 / CR2 lithium battery compatible with Type C charger that is convenient even when traveling / Body size: 104 * 70 * 37 [Accessories] With soft case / Japanese manual [Power off automatically] Common troubles during use are battery shortage Measurement error due to. This unit is equipped with an automatic power-off function to solve such problems and allow more accurate measurement! Automatic power off: Approximately 12 seconds

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