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Takamine 16ライン レーザー墨出し器  GM160

Takamine 16ライン レーザー墨出し器  GM160

SKU: GM160
  1. [New product of Takamine] A new product, 16-line laser marking device, was born from Takamine, which is a 5-line laser marking device GF411 and a cross-line laser marking device TK5011, which have been very well received and patronized.
  2. [360 ° omnidirectional laser] SHARP LD light source, more stable and durable than normal green light.
  3. [Can be used for a long time] Uses an aluminum alloy laser window to reduce the impact when dropped!
  4. [Glove compatible] Uses electrostatic buttons to prevent the buttons from aging. It can also be operated with gloves.
  5. [Automatic correction range ± 4 °] The automatic correction range of this product is ± 4 °. When it is out of the correction range, the line blinks to notify you.
  6. [Waterproof and dustproof] IP54 and sufficient dustproof and waterproof performance are not affected by the environment, and we have designed it so that it can be used for a long time by making it hard to break down.
  7. [100% inspection, original equipment] Only those that have passed the standard are shipped after being calibrated one by one by skilled craftsmen using our own calibration and adjustment system. Reliable after-sales service! Japanese staff will respond in good faith. Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems with quality. Laser Safety Standards: Class 2
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