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Takamine 5ラインレーザー墨出し器  GF411

Takamine 5ラインレーザー墨出し器 GF411

SKU: GF411

[Brake time 1 second] A pendulum unit that overcomes the instability of braking, which is a weak point of the gimbal method, realizes stable performance and significant cost reduction. Brakes within 1 second!
[Green laser] SHARP LD is used, so you can see clearly even in bright places!
[Automatic correction range ± 4 °] The automatic correction range of this product is ± 4 °. When it is out of the correction range, the line blinks to notify you.
[Equipped with fixed line mode] With the fixed line mode, you can also mark out the slope with this one generation. You can do stair railing construction and plumbing construction with this product alone.
[100% inspection, original equipment] Only those that have passed the standard are shipped after being calibrated one by one by skilled craftsmen using our own calibration and adjustment system. Reliable after-sales service! Japanese staff will respond in good faith. Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems with quality.

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  • Return / Refund Policy

    Please complete the return procedure within 8 days after the item arrives. For the return procedure, please contact us from the inquiry on the site and wait for the contact from customer service.

    <In the case of returns due to customer reasons>

    Products will be returned in advance (paid by the customer).

    Customers are responsible for each test fee associated with the refund.

    Thank you for your understanding.


    <In the case of returns for our reasons>

    You can use the return and collection service (free of charge).

  • Shipping information

    It will be shipped by Yamato Transport within 3 business days after the purchase is confirmed.

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