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Company Profile


We want to provide high quality products at lower prices.

Koyo Co., Ltd. not only provides products to customers, but also provides high quality products at reasonable prices. With the expertise and technology cultivated through many years of industry experience, we strive to provide services that satisfy our customers.

Whether it's a one-time purchase or a large amount of transactions, we promise high quality and smooth transactions from beginning to end.

Please see our product lineup and contact us if you do not have the product you want.

  • Company name KOYO Corporation

  • Headquarters location  〒360-0018   1-230 Central Saitama Prefecture

  • Telephone (04) 8580-7168 (representative)

  • Founded September 6, 2019 (1st year of Reiwa)

  • Kazuhisa Ando, President and Representative Director

  • Capital 5.5 million yen (as of January 31, 2021)

  • Transaction financial institution name Seibu Shinkin Bank _ Hoya Branch Musashino Bank _ Kumagaya East Branch

  • Business description Manufacture and sale of power tools, construction tools, DIY equipment, etc.

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